war in the cold aisle

August 17, 2014

Amigurumi mouse found on Pinterest

Oh Finland, homeland. Always having a laugh when following the news about relations with the neighboring countries i.e. Sweden and Russia.

This week one of the newspapers was asking readers to rename the import ban cheese intended for the Russian market. The clear winner is “Putin Cheese,” other suggestions included Nato cheese, Molotov cheese basket, and ‘cheese or lack thereof” (“puute” cheese).

Unfortunately all of them sold out immediately (is it the exotic cyrillic alphabet!?) so won’t have a chance to get any when going to Finland this week. :)

Pointless gendering no.2: gendered languages

August 15, 2014


Interesting! Finnish is gender-neutral – in language at least (hän­ means s/he) The Swedes just adopted their gender-neutral pronoun. In addition to Hon (She) and han (he) — *hen*! Love it.

Originally posted on World Gendering:

Now it might seem absurd to question the language system of millions of people, but there is, I hope, reason behind the madness. Hear me out.

Before going any further, however, it should be made clear that there are three main language systems used in the world today:

  1. Gendered (e.g. Romance languages) – animate and inanimate objects are divided into different genders (commonly two, but sometimes more).
  2. Natural gender (e.g. English) – only pronouns used to express the gender of animate beings.
  3. Genderless (e.g. Turkish, Finnish) – no distinction between genders in nouns, i.e. hän­ refers to ‘he’ and ‘she’ in Turkish.

The fact that people get by perfectly well speaking genderless and natural gender languages suggests that gendering nouns is not necessary. Sure, in some cases, gender adds clarity in that it can draw a distinction between two nouns. For example, ‘The jar [m] fell into the bowl [f]…

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September Retreat at Lago di Bolsena, Italy

August 13, 2014

On that note, moving along here ~ slowly but surely. Last things first – as I may have mentioned, a dear friend of mine has realized her life-long dream and bought a villa in Italy. Just like that! If you ever watch House Hunters International you know that people do this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME.

The villa is situated in the Lazio region (betw Siena and Rome) high above Lago di Bolsena with stunning views of the lake and the mountains and has a pool and beautiful gardens within a 22-acre resort (nine hectar – amazing).

Being super-efficient, she and her boyfriend have planned the first “feel good life” event with meditation, workshops etc. at their retreat already. Mark your calendar for September 28 – Oct 3, 2014 and let me know if you wish to reserve a spot.

For future ref, the house has room for 10 people (mostly double rooms w/ baths). There is a large Italian kitchen and a library with open fire places and terraces to enjoy the sun and the views.

We’ll be planning trips to Rome, Etruscan tours, food/wine excursions, cooking, painting, family outings etc. Or one can just relax by the pool-side.

Stay tuned as I’m sure to post more pictures/info in the near future. And if you are interested in finding out more about the September event (sans kids) or planning a future outing please send me a (confidential) message in the comments section below. :)

Grazie! 😘


August 11, 2014

So glad my fave friend is back from her travels and we can talk SHOP i.e. knitting again (she created an uber-cool-not-your-grandma’s-knitting twilighty wrap-piece; hoping to post a pic of it soon). We SO want to open a knit cafe here in ritzy Fairfield county, CT — FUND US. Thank you, thought you would. :)

But think about it — a Northern European/Peruvian – style shop where hip people can gather, have AMAZING coffee and space out if they so feel like. Laptops discouraged, knitting encouraged. Poetry readings, too?? Good music – alternative, roadburn mixed with classical, depending on the mood (like the vibe at the SLO coffee shop – see sign). I need to run this by my friend as she always comes up with a ton of great ideas. The only problem at this point is $$ really.

Would carefully hand-pick the right yarns to feature. Perhaps from the Uruguay/Uganda co-ops. The pictured California-sourced seaweed-sustainable-handdyed-local-organic might have just the right ring to it. No acrylics. Ever.

Supplemented by occasional yoga retreats to Vermont and Italy? And cocktail-hours, of course.





sheet music junkie

August 11, 2014


Now that customization is all the craze has someone figured out how to create their own sheet music compilations – to print or for the iPad? Think it’s a splendid gift idea (and most likely already done). Photoshoppers can make it look nice, too.

Interesting that this Sibelius piece might not be public domain in the EU since it’s not yet life+70 years but Canada, Japan, Korea and China have a bit more relaxed rules. It would be great if there was a way to search and download piano pieces by the level of difficulty (i.e. intermediate level and similar to this one):



blackout days – phantogram

August 11, 2014

selfie-centric ed-calculating

August 10, 2014

(at Vogue knitting NYC 2014)

On second thought, why stop now? In the words of one of my crazed friends, just getting started! The business is still in the planning stages (even though it does look good – especially in my mind) and therefore there is no biz yet to promote. So this won’t hurt anyone, right? And the fact that no-one is reading gives me just that extra boost of courage.  Who needs readers? Especially fakebots.

Have thought about the list of topics to write about. Found a link to original Eastern European proverbs – almost 1,000 of them! One per day? Or how about repackaging free piano sheet music in flowery stationary frames – pretty! Don’t steal that idea! Even though Pandora should consider partnering with say, Mutopia, to directly link from music to sheet music. So one doesn’t have to scramble for pen and paper to write down Opus x2k in b minor for future practice sessions. And I’d change those names, too!

I’m also a bit of an expert in aromatherapy and have a ton of non-commercial original language materials from the witchy times to translate from. So I may repurpose those for a boho-hippie yoga audience and wait for a cosmetic company to buy my silence – imagine! That would take care of my travel budget for 2015. Complete financial independence from the state *and* the husband. Cute, huh? 👛💅💄💋

Well, counting the days for my trip back to homeland. To experience the true freedom that comes with say-what-you-mean-mean-what-you-say. And see people smoking. In public! Not that I smoke or encourage it.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Thank you for taking the time to read, my dearest visitor. Sure hope to occasionally check back even though am experiencing longer spells of clarity these days. Stay happy and healthy and have a wonderful week.

P.S. I do NOT understand this wp/backend at all. What if I want to post only to *other* wp-bloggers like me but no outsiders – can it be done? Is it a private blog but with public posts?? Or private posts? I don’t get it. Arrrgggh.


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