oxymom knitted cold-weather yoga gear

September 16, 2014

Hello boys and girls. We are on the same page if you’ve noticed that the seasons — they are a-changin. Fall is upon us, kids are back to being institutionalized and soon it may be time to transition your yoga repertoire inside. Unless you are feeling low… — then I’d suggest you stay outside and feel the natural light on your retina and fresh air in your lungs*. And if you – like me – have gained 10lb sitting at your laptop, blogging with no purpose, you’ll be pleased to know that shivering does count as exercise — and it has been scientifically proven, too!

Today’s ayurvedic vata tip on how to embrace coldness: switching cooling green tea for ginger, and doing a selfie-massage with sesame body oil after shower will make you feel warmer. It is true! And a bit of orange oil in your aromatherapy tea light diffuser is sure to lift the spirits, too.

Happy autumn everyone.

* No meds, google glasses or Apple smart watches needed (6 or 6+?? I’ll prob be the first one to sport the watch despite being concerned about electromagnetics. And did you see the Daily Show piece on glass explorers? LOL.)

P.S. As requested by my friend, Mona ~ Whether you are a bony-butt needing extra warmth or a voluptuous vixen wanting to de-lard around the derriere, pictured please find a few knitted sports items perfect for your next hot yoga class. :)

yarn store collage

September 5, 2014


Visited this great HUGE yarn shop in Finland. Not sure where one can find “noodle” yarn here in the US — to knit or crochet rugs and other similar items. Too heavy to carry/ship –otherwise would have brought some with me.
P.s. Liking the new collage app, too. :)

Have a great weekend!


September 5, 2014


Hmmm, how to rationalize this latest purchase? To tell you the truth, I bought a pair of jeans I didn’t need just to get this bag as a freebie. The label said less water was used to produce them so it’s kind of like a vegetarian person buying organic corn-fed beef? (cow? Not sure about the logic).

Okay, as you may note, in the vein of these days heart attack seems like a good quick way to go ~ I’m working on becoming more positive. So here goes:

👖 You don’t have to dry-clean jeans – less chemicals.
👖 Cold wash and okay to wash less for a better planet? Back to ahead of times!
👖 Shower might be more energy-efficient than a sauna (although not nearly as relaxing).
👖 This brand might inevitably expand to the US market? More jobs for everyone!
👖 Conspicuous cradle-to-cradle? Coining that to sound intelligent.
👖 Surely my in-laws in CA with their 3-min shower limits will find this funny :)
👖 Lesser carbon footprint than taking the airplane here
👖 Made in Romania is in Europe ~ closer to my other home!
👖 Only 100 euro. Seventy euro cents to one dollar. 1.3×100=$130. One might benefit.

(💙 such a perfect knit bag 😇).

humblebrag blankets

September 2, 2014
Free pattern on Ravelry

Free pattern on Ravelry

Here are two current charity campaigns for those of us who occasionally need to justify their knitting obsession. Who wouldn’t love the idea of knitting for children in need? According to my FB feed, little preemie-babies in Finland are now receiving knitted hats and kids here in the US might get a blanket during a hospital stay (one of my friends was raving about it). I need to kiss my preservation charity goodbye and find a knit charity instead! Or combine them.

My six-year-old still clings on to his “nice & cozy” – a blanket that has traveled the world and will most likely disintegrate before he gives it up. And my 9-year-old requested I knit a blanket for her American girl doll (don’t get me started) and wouldn’t hear of me teaching her how to knit (she is busy playing Sims and socializing with Australian teens on some fashion app). Why oh why don’t they teach knitting at schools here in the US?? Feeling like some ancient throwback to socialist times.

So if you are knitting baby stuff check these out. Type A’s can whip out a Game of Thrones (NOT Twilight – got that wrong. Thank you!:) Also, not predicting any doom here btw) 3D illusion blanket (search ‘knitted illusion blanket’ on Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean. INSANITY). The rest of us can think long term and pick a nice soft warm alpaca yarn perhaps, or knit a rectangular piece which can be turned into a poncho later on.

Project Linus



Chernobyl by Jaime Pitarch

September 1, 2014


The meteorologist on TV said we were lucky the winds were blowing east (it’s 1986 in Finland right after the Chernobyl disaster FYI). And not to eat mushrooms and berries off the ground. As if anyone paid attention. Yummy black currants!

Originally posted on The Dancing Rest:

Lime wood, aniline, oil and varnish. 35 x 22 x 22 cm.

The work of Jaime Pitarch deals, in the widest sense, with the inability of human beings
to identify with the structures they have created. Their feeling of being lost or
inadequate when dealing with structures such as culture, marriage or society, makes
people constantly and intuitively interpret both the world and themselves.
Pitarch’s work usually involves dismantling and reconstructing items that were either
manufactured or inhabited by humans, or which have helped them to build an idea of
themselves and the world. The resulting objects express people’s feeling of being lost,
and their need to remain standing. This explains the artist’s obsession with order (order
is a prerequisite of interpretation), and the fact that what he does in his work is futile at
times, as well as why the items are shown in balancing, or precarious, positions.

View original 82 more words

kastelholm castle

August 31, 2014

My kids don’t know this yet but I’m planning a medieval castle tour for next summer. :) Here are a few snapshots I took at Kastelholm in Åland, off the coast of Finland. Apparently King Eric XIV was imprisoned here and was poisoned to death. !! We visited a few years ago but my daughter may have been too young to appreciate it.

More info here.

helsinki yarn square

August 25, 2014

Processed with Moldiv


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