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January 22, 2015

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Are we going to be wp friends till death do us part? Awwwwww…. lovely. Word of caution – don’t get sucked into the world of knit blogs. Thankfully a friend of mine reminded me about the necessity of end-of-life planning because at this rate the end will most likely arrive in the middle of a knitted gauntlet viewing session. Or is this what euthanasia feels like? No drama llama.

Showed a sampling of knit blogs to another friend today (did I mention I have friends? Real people.) and begged her to please please join wordpress because I will take you down with me. Don’t bother looking for a job. Your husband is wrong. Young people need a chance. LinkedIn? MWAHAHAHA.

(I may have just discovered the real reason why the immigration officials require that sponsorship signature before one becomes a permanent resident. She. will. not. become. a burden. to the American taxpayers. Or something along those lines.)

Okay, sorry. A momentary relapse.

My sis-in-law took a pic for me on her way to teach yoga in Tampere, Finland. It’s a new knit shop in town – love the look of it and can’t wait to check it out!

Also, courtesy of Garn Studio, here’s a pretty good link if you want to learn to knit continental style – (you’ll learn to cast on, knit, bind off in 5 min!). I should make a video featuring my new marsala-painted manicure but that takes too much time from blog reading. Later knitters – the kids are almost home from school and I have to prep for a board meeting and an evening out.



January 16, 2015

Here’s my version of the knitted swoncho i.e. a poncho sweater with sleeves. Casually tossed on the tiny settee, divan, chaise, daybed, glass table – yes, just like that! In these weight-conscious times I thought it’s best to let its shape speak for itself and not use a fit dummy/model.

If you can knit a rectangular piece you can create one of these. Should I add a pattern on Ravelry or do you prefer to google/create your own? Here’s one. The key is to pick the softest yarn so your swoncho doesn’t stick out like a shield ready for battle. And no suffocating straightjacket feel here thanks to the opening which you can wear in the back or front (got the massive safety pin at the VK event last year). Not super fancy schmanzy but actually a piece I’m happy to wear in public for a change.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a HUGE knitting revival happening around the world. Which means there are quite a few people looking for wearable, easy patterns. Knitting IS the new yoga – our instructor at FIT told us about the kids she is teaching … many of them picking their needles when they need to calm down and take a breather from whatever is depressing them or stressing them out. And did you see the article about the learn-to-knit program at prisons here in the U.S.- similar to this one?

P.S. I’m planning to teach a (continental) knitting class this year! Lmk if you hear of any opportunities (in the tri-state area – CT, NYC, NJ) ;) ~ maybe I should approach the prisons..

Also, if you know of knit blogs that feature fashion-forward patterns plmk. Inspiration aplenty available at Pinterest.

2-in-1 napkin bracelets (rannekorut/lautasliinarenkaat)

January 13, 2015


knitted paper yarn bracelets/napkins

knitted paper yarn bracelets/napkins

Eliminate an extra step in your hosting repertoire ~ or add to it? by wearing your dining table accessories. Let’s say 4-5 in each wrist (or ankle) as you welcome your guests at the door (limiting your dinner party to approx 10 guests).

While pleasantries are exchanged slip quietly into the dining room, slip out of your bracelets and dress the napkins. One per serviette, two max.

Your guests won’t even notice the difference.

You’ll need:

paper yarn (a renewable resource, at least in Finland!), e.g.

– thin metallic-enhanced mercerized crochet/embroidery thread


– or 2-in-1

and double-pointed needles

co 25 into a circle, k 4 rows, bind off, turn inside out.

* * *

Illalliskutsut yksin (tai monin?) kertaistuvat, jos pukeudut pöytäkattauksiin. Sujauta lautasliinarenkaat ranteisiisi tai nilkkohin, kun vastaanotat vieraat ovella (4-5 per ranne, 10 vierasta max).

Kun muut vaihtavat kuulumisia, sinä hipsit ruokailusalonkiin ja ujutat renkaat lautasliinojen ympärille. Yksi per liina, kaksi maksi.

Vieraat eivät taatusti osaa epäillä mitään!

Tarvitset paperinarua (uusiutuva luonnonvara), metallinhohtoista merseroitua puuvillavirkkuulankaa ja sukkapuikot.

Luo 25 silmukkaa renkaaksi sukkapuikoilla, neulo oikeaa neljä kerrosta, päätä ja käännä ympäri.

roly poly gray day beanie

January 4, 2015



You can wear this any way you want and it has a sunny pompom. Looks like everyone can knit a beanie at this point – plmk if you need a pattern.

P.S. Pardon my dummy looks a bit down. Cheers!

rosie’s stocking – finished!

November 30, 2014

xmas stocking for rosie

As promoted, here’s the final final of my surrogate knit project – a puppy’s xmas stocking that looks a bit like a puppy? It has found a new home and I probably won’t knit another one until next year – if ever. You may note that all the purl stitches are created with a Norwegian technique – thus making this piece uniquely individual. Despite all the growing pains I’m happy how everything turned out. Hope Rosie will be too. 🎁🐶 Wishing you a wonderful holiday season ~

russian faux fur cossack hat

November 3, 2014

Here’s a Russian-style ushanka ~ or is it shapka ~ either way looks great when worn with attitude!

To knit your own, combine a knobby wool yarn (e.g. hjertegarn milano) with a novelty faux fur yarn (lion brand fun fur). As always, the easiest way is to knit a rectangular headband first so you’ll get the size right (or gauge). I made mine bigger than usual – 58cm ~23in. Pick into circular needles and knit straight until approx 22cm ~8.5in. Divide the stitches by four and do a round or two of decreases at each corner to create a squarish shape.

P.S. No rodents were harmed to knit my fur hat.

kastelholm castle

August 31, 2014

My kids don’t know this yet but I’m planning a medieval castle tour for next summer. :) Here are a few snapshots I took at Kastelholm in Åland, off the coast of Finland. Apparently King Eric XIV was imprisoned here and was poisoned to death. !! We visited a few years ago but my daughter may have been too young to appreciate it.

More info here.


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